All Venues
 六本木ヒルズ 六本木けやき坂通り
 六本木ヒルズ 66プラザ
 Keppel Land space (1 Kim Tian Road)
 Air Raid Shelter (78 Moh Guan Terrace. Streaming point: Heritage Trail Marker)
 Bincho (78 Moh Guan Terrace #01-19)
 TBB Tiong Bahru Bar (3 Seng Poh Road #01-01)
 The French Bookshop (55 Tiong Bahru Road #01-53C)
 British Council
 Bird Corner
 Pole to Win
 Qi Tian Gong (Monkey God Temple, 44 Eng Hoon Street)
 The Fab Lab (73 Eng Watt Street)
 Seng Poh Garden (Corner of Moh Guan Terrace and Seng Poh Road)
 Serpentine Gallery
 Tiong Bahru Market and Food Centre (83 Seng Poh Road)
 Lim Liak Street (Streaming point: in the vicinity of Block 35 and heritage trail marker)
 Tiong Bahru Community Centre (67A Eu Chin Street, Music Room 2)
 Gardens by the Bay
 ArtScience Museum
 Asian Civilisations Museum
 Singapore Art Museum
 School Of The Arts
 Hong San See
 34 Montagu Square
 Opera House
 下北沢駅 踏切跡地周辺
 St. Pancras Station
 Artillery Lane, Spitalfields
 The Skylon, Southbank
 Sikorski Statue
 Brooke Road
 Waterloo Bridge
 Royal Naval College, Greenwich
 Trellick Tower
 Post Office Tower
 Blackfriars Bridge
 Tate Modern
 Southbank Centre
 Battersea Power Station
 Natural History Museum
 Golden Square
 餃子の王将 下北沢店周辺
 DISK UNION 下北沢店周辺
 Nobel Peace Center
 Oslo Cathedral
 Oslo City Hall
 Opera House
 Sage Gateshead


All Artists
 阿部海太郎 / 東京行進曲2012
 ECD / 夜の奴隷
 フィンク & 初音ミク / Tokyo
 ゴーストポエット / SAKE FOR TWO
 蓮沼執太 / Untitled
 井上薫 / Meteor Stream
 スチュアート・マッカラム / The Seventh Tree
 中島ノブユキ / ARAN for piano solo
 オオルタイチ / vying
 Righteous (矢部直&DJ Quietstorm) / It's All About You
 ニティン・ソーニー / Elektric City V8
 テニスコーツ / 七本木
 やくしまるえつこ / LONELY PLANET (Post Office)
 やくしまるえつこ / LONELY PLANET (Post A)
 やくしまるえつこ / LONELY PLANET (Post B)
 やくしまるえつこ / LONELY PLANET (Post C)
 やくしまるえつこ / LONELY PLANET (Post D)
 Seyra / Island
 Jennifer Champion / Let it Shine
 Jennifer Champion / Pink with Morning
 イトケン / The long long long long long long name of demo2
 The Sam Willows / 1949
 Marc Nair / Excerpts from the Diary of a Kitchen God
 イトケン / Demo2
 Marc Nair / All The Songbirds
 イトケン / Demo1
 MONSTER CAT / The Rich Dream
 イトケン / Demo3
 Gideon and Allee / Trunk
 Gideon and Allee / Harvest Girl
 坂本龍一 / Music For Fashion Museum
 イトケン / Demo3
 Tomoyasu Hotei / Music for Serpentine Gallery
 Marcel Lee Pereira / The Place Where We Met
 Nabilah Husna / Architect
 Nabilah Husna / Ah Seng
 Mara Carlyle + sonicbrat / Lithe
 Jon Hopkins + Jason Tan (Octover) / Art Science Museum
 I Am David Sparkle / Walking Through Walls
 Cosa Nostra / World Class
 Koflow / Experiential
 The Analog Girl / Like Dragons
 Beatie Wolfe / THIS LOVE
 Laura J Martin / The White Ticket
 MUON / Emergence
 Tape to Zero / Opera House
 bonobos / はなうた of bonobos
 Kelpe / Parabuteo Unicinctus
 Rough Fields / Our Streets
 The Simonsound / In the Shadow of the Skylon
 Katy Carr / Sikorski
 Maria Minerva / Laws of Nature
 Szjerdene / Wake Up
 Finn Peters / RNC
 Palmskin Productions / Trellick Tower
 Ski Oakenfull / Post Office Tower
 Stac / Blackfriars Bridge
 Subeena / Tate Modern
 Paul White / Southbank Centre
 Ikonika / Battersea Power Station
 Doug Benford / Natural History Museum
 Sweet Billy Pilgrim / Mokusatsu
 BiS / はなうた of BiS
 Wienners / はなうた of Wienners
 金 佑龍 / はなうた of 金佑龍
 Audun Kleive / Nobel Peace Center
 Knut Reiersrud / Oslo Cathedral
 Frøy Aagre / The City Hall
 Iain Chambers / Operahuset
 Susanna / This Place
 Oliver Coates / The Gateshead Prophecy


Musicity is a location-based, curated music platform that explores the intersection of music, place, memory and experience.

We commission recording artists to compose original music in response to an aspect of the city that inspires them. Through our mobile app, you can visit these locations to hear and download these exclusive tracks.

We hope our programme inspires people to see the urban fabric in new ways and encourages them to explore the city musically, architecturally and experientially.


Musicity is locative media - this means you have to visit the specific location to hear the music!


We have developed an app, it's a web app which means you need to goto www.musicity.info on a smart phone. This will launch the app which will allow you to explore the city, visit the locations and stream the music.

When you launch the app, the first thing to do is to save the app to the home screen. This will improve the app functionality.

There are currently mapping issues if using iOS6.0. If your iOS is 6.1.0 or newer, the problem has already been solved.

To navigate, just swipe across to see the participating artists, swipe down to see the corresponding location. The info button tells you a little more about the artist and their inspiration for choosing their specific location.

At the bottom of the screen you will see a simple dashboard. Press to launch the Map and you will see the locations, press on any to read about the artist. The map will tell you how close to each track you are. You will need to have location service on.

Once at the location, press the Play button to stream the music, it will ask you to register, this is so as you can download an MP3 file on PC platform, so you can collect and listen to each track at your leisure.